Why free photos?

"Why are there royalty-free photos of medieval markets and people who are active there in the internet portal ‘thewhiterider.eu’?

The royalty-free photos and images in thewhiterider.eu are often of people who are active participants in medieval and historical markets.

The royalty-free photos in thewhiterider.eu are simply a “cultural thank you” to the participants and artists in the medieval markets."

People who are depicted and are individually identifiable in the photos and images may download up to 5 photos or images of themselves or their products and market stall from each photo series in ‘thewhiterider.eu’ free of charge and royalties.

These photos and images may be used without time restriction for their own direct professional use for the sole purposes listed below:

  • business cards
  • brochures
  • flyers
  • prospectuses
  • own application portfolios
  • own homepages.

The cultural internet portal ‘thewhiterider.eu’ retains the sole copyright for all photos, images and graphics. However, with this declaration ‘thewhiterider.eu’ grants the aforementioned participants in the medieval markets the temporally unrestricted right of use of its photos and images for the direct professional purposes as stated above.