Copyright for videos, photographs and images on

Due to the so-called “creative act”, copyright holder of a video or photograph is always the photographer. This creative act takes place at the moment they take the photograph or start to record the video.

Unless otherwise stated, the copyright or the rights to the image for all:

  • videos
  • photographs
  • pictures
  • images
  • photo and image details
  • enlargements and modified images of any form or kind
  • diagrams and icons
  • category images, heading images and symbolic images
  • videos, photographs and/or images of any kind

is held by the company Der Weisse Reiter GmbH with its associated internet portal

All copyrights and performance protection rights of the internet cultural portal are reserved.

Unless otherwise explicitly stated, copyright for images or the original copyright for images which are used to embellish texts, web pages and information texts in the internet portal is held solely and exclusively by the internet portal

Normally, the internet portal Der-Weisse only utilises its own photographs, pictures, images and image material in its videos, photo series, and decorative images for its texts and web pages.

Copyright for all texts of any kind by

Unless otherwise indicated, copyright for all texts of any kind by copyright for all...

  • texts
  • news
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  • informative texts
  • image captions
  • image gallery titles and photo series titles
  • text-based content of any kind

is solely and exclusively held by the internet portal

Unauthorised use, sale, rental, duplication, publication, copying, dissemination and/or further processing, storage in electronic systems is prohibited without the written consent of the internet portal

The internet portal reserves the right to criminal prosecution and claims for compensation in the event of unauthorised use or commercial utilisation of our texts, messages, news, informative texts, image captions, image series titles, or stories of which we are the authors.

Purchase of photographs on

The internet portal may offer to sell especially attractive photographs or images with a picturesque or unique character, which have been produced by our photographers. These are offered under the heading “Photos for Sale”.

The purchase of a photograph from is deemed to be for a particular, defined purpose and for a defined period of time, which is to be agreed in writing between the purchaser of the image and the internet portal

Other commercial utilisation of photographs purchased from, for example for print media such as books, or advertising articles such as t-shirts is not automatically permitted. Any planned further utilisation of the relevant images must be specified in detail in a written agreement between the acquirer of the image and the internet portal

In all cases, the internet portal remains the sole and exclusive holder of the copyright for the photographs, and images which are published on its web pages.

The sole exception to this is the sale of photographs or images by in the context of a total-buy-out, in which all copyright for a photograph or image is permanently transferred to the purchaser. However, such a total-buy-out must be specifically agreed in a written contract between the purchase of the image and the internet portal

Please contact the web site administration via the stated contact details if you are interested in using one or more photographs from the internet portal

Watermarks in videos, photographs and images by

The internet portal may add digital watermarks to its videos, photographs, images and diagrams or parts thereof (for example to prevent unauthorised commercial utilisation by third parties, or repeated unauthorised reproduction of its videos, photographs, images, and diagrams by third parties).

In case of unauthorised commercial use, videos, photographs, images, and diagrams made by which are published on the internet and commercially utilised without permission (for example unauthorised sale of our photographs by third parties in photo portals) can therefore be traced by

The internet portal reserves the right to criminal prosecution and claims for compensation in the event of unauthorised commercial utilisation of our photographs and images.

If the internet portal uses watermarks in its photographs and images, this will be prominently indicated this in the video and photo series, as well as in the “General Terms of Use”.

"Why are there royalty-free photos of medieval markets and people who are active there in the internet portal ‘’?

The royalty-free photos and images in are often of people who are active participants in medieval and historical markets.

The royalty-free photos in are simply a “cultural thank you” to the participants and artists in the medieval markets."

People who are depicted and are individually identifiable in the photos and images may download up to 5 photos or images of themselves or their products and market stall from each photo series in ‘’ free of charge and royalties.

These photos and images may be used without time restriction for their own direct professional use for the sole purposes listed below:

  • business cards
  • brochures
  • flyers
  • propectuses
  • own application images
  • own homepages.

The cultural internet portal ‘’ retains the sole copyright for all photos, images and graphics. However, with this declaration ‘’ grants the aforementioned participants in the medieval markets the temporally unrestricted right of use of its photos and images for the direct professional purposes as stated above.

Respect of third party intellectual property rights

Unless otherwise explicitly indicated as the intellectual property, copyright and/or creative property of the internet cultural portal ‘’, object names and historical object designations which are stated or are identifiable or legible e.g., in texts or on our homepage such as:

  • object and historical object designations
  • company names
  • names of persons
  • homepages and their internet addresses
  • names of products, articles, and goods
  • names of services
  • other neologisms
  • word marks or graphic trademarks or word and graphic trademarks
  • company logos and signets

are the intellectual property of the holder of these rights.

Statement of these names and designations in the internet cultural portal ‘’ is only made in the context of necessary and purely objective information, however not in order to utilise third party property directly or indirectly for our own advertising and marketing purposes.

Photographs and photography of identifiable persons’

Anyone who participates in public events such as medieval markets must inevitably accept that they may appear in photographs. In many cases, the protagonists, exhibitors, and artists who participate in such events automatically declare their consent to be photographed with their participation in the event.

Although they are not obliged to do so from a legal point of view, out of respect, the photographers of ‘’ will usually ask persons who are deliberately photographed and individually identifiable, whether they may photograph them and publish their image on our web pages.

Please simply send us a short e-mail if you recognise yourself in one of our photographs or images, but no longer wish to be depicted on the internet pages of ‘’ in spite of your general or individual consent to photography, or you have been accidentally photographed (for example in the margin or background of the image) and/or you no longer wish to be depicted in our photographs or images despite of your previous consent.

We will then remove the relevant photograph or image from our website as quickly as possible, and of course free of charge.

The internet portal ‘’ does not of course have any influence on other websites which publish photographs taken by us.

"A brief description of the use of images and copyright..."

The creators of the internet cultural portal take a great deal of effort in the production of their videos, images, photographs and graphic images.

The creation and publication of a video, an image gallery or a series of photographs involves a large amount of …

  • work
  • time
  • research
  • making the necessary contacts
  • planning
  • care and attention
  • expense
  • detailed work
  • physical effort
  • use of materials and wear-to-terar equipment
  • preparation and reworking
  • and of course, costs.

Unauthorised commercial use of our videos, images, photographs and diagrams is not only illegal and subject to criminal prosecution but is also unfair to the people who have invested a great deal of time, money and effort in the production of the images and photographs.

Engaging a lawyer due to breach of copyright and/or claims for compensation entails unpleasant legal and financial consequences for the person who breaches copyright.

This is unpleasant for all concerned. Also for us.

In our mutual interest, please observe the copyright and image rights held by”.