Correctness of information

The information, data and other details which are published in the internet cultural portal are published with the greatest care and to the best of our knowledge and belief.

This information, data and other details are intended to make a positive social contribution and provide stimuli for a living culture and active cultural revival, as well as generating social creative, artistic and informational synergy effects and providing positive information.

The information, which we publish is intended to draw cultural attention and public interest to well known historical sites, as well as to smaller, lesser known, but equally high-quality events or historical sites which are well worth visiting. These include for example the listing in our event calendar of major classical music concerts, as well as piano recitals at public chamber music concerts for smaller audiences.

Furthermore, with its lists and catalogues of historical sites and attractions, the internet cultural portal wishes to provide ideas and stimulate cultural tourists to visit one or more of the cultural attractions which we have listed.

The information, data, and other details which we publish are intended to provide ideas, inspiration and positive suggestions for people engaged in the fields of culture, art, creativity and music, and the associated historical sites, for example...

  • Event organisers and people interested in events
  • Castle enthusiasts and castle owners
  • Stately home enthusiasts and stately home owners
  • Culture lovers and cultural providers
  • Artists and art lovers.

Cultural locations such as castles or stately homes, may change their cultural or catering provisions for visitors over the course of time. These may entail small or even major changes with regard to ownership, contact details, home pages or terms of use.

For example, some castles with a restaurant on their premises, may temporarily not be able to offer this facility due to extensive restoration work.

Or, for example, a previously private castle could open a public castle café which offers refreshments for visitors.

The internet cultural portal makes every effort to keep this news and changing information up to date on its website.

However, despite the greatest care in publishing information on our internet pages, errors, omissions, incomplete and/or information which is no longer up to date can unfortunately not be completely ruled out.

We therefore recommend that before visiting a cultural location or historical site, and/or a particular event, you should obtain separate and independent information from the websites and online publications of the relevant cultural location, historical site, or event organiser, with regard to current details such as ...

  • addresses
  • travel directions and coordinates for navigation devices and/or mobile terminal devices
  • contact details and telephone numbers, e-mail addresses and internet addresses
  • opening hours and time of last admission
  • conditions for guided tours (“public” or “by prior appointment” or “available languages for guided tours”)
  • dates for guided tours
  • conditions for events
  • local catering facilities
  • prices and terms of business
  • dates and times
  • differing conditions for visitors in the high season and low season
  • changes to dates
  • changes to dates at short notice
  • cancellations of events.

The internet cultural portal has no influence on e.g.

  • opening hours and time of last admission
  • dates
  • event times and dates
  • prices
  • entry prices
  • event programmes
  • facilities for visitors
  • cultural events
  • catering
  • menus and lists of beverages and/or
  • changes to event dates at short notice, or provisions by the particular provider at the relevant locations.

The internet cultural portal cannot be held liable for incomplete, and/or incorrect information, unpublished information, or information which is not published in good time on its internet pages (For example incorrect event times or cancellation of an event).

The data, information and other details (for example in the lists of sites or in the event calendar) do not make any claim to completeness and/or correctness and/or validity.

The information provided on this website is offered in good faith, and to the best of our knowledge at the time of publication. However, we accept no liability for any expense or inconvenience caused by errors or changes.

All information on the internet cultural portal is provided without guarantee.