About this website

The internet portal TheWhiteRider.eu is an internet cultural portal with a focus on nature and culture in Europe.

The content of the cultural internet portal ‘thewhiterider.eu’ includes the following topics:

  • castles & castle ruins
  • stately homes
  • monasteries & Gothic abbeys
  • medieval & historical markets
  • Gothic architecture
  • nature & love of the natural world
  • mystical Gothic ruins
  • creativity & phantasy
  • fairy tales & legends
  • phantasy literature
  • cultural exhibitions & events, art exhibitions & events
  • classical music & classical music concerts
  • religious music and religious music concerts
  • events, concerts, & festivities at Easter, Whitsun, Harvest festivals, Advent & Christmas
  • cookery & gourmet events
  • mystery (for example mystery dinner shows in castles)
  • nostalgia
  • photographs of medieval markets and historical venues
  • publication of our own photographs and artistic images in ‘thewhiterider.eu’.

What social values does the internet portal ‘thewhiterider.eu’ represent?

The cultural internet portal ‘thewhiterider.eu’ represents the following fundamental social values:

  • freedom
  • creativity and imagination
  • development of talent and creativity
  • charity
  • child-friendliness & children’s welfare
  • democratic values
  • love and respect of nature & nature conservation
  • animal welfare, animal protection & conservation of species
  • ethical respect of creation
  • enthusiasm for culture and nature.